Our Proposition  
Our Proposition outlines how we propose to enhance our children's skills in the most cost effective, fun filled and lively way.

We wanted to create a virtual campus where teachers and students could see, hear and interact with each other as if they were face to face and yet not need to leave the comfort of their homes. Technology has advanced leaps and bounds since the computer was invented, and it is this advancement that enables us to make this VIRTUAL DREAM a REALITY. Your child gets the full benefits of school library, own account page and email, bulletin boards, report cards, parent teacher meetings, and more - from the comfort of home. No hassles to drop off your child or stress about cancelled classes due to bad weather or because of complicated family schedules. Your child will work from the safety and comfort of your home. Our program is accessible from anywhere with a computer so your child can access the program even if you are away from your home, vacation or visiting relatives.

Visual advantage
Unlike most other online tutoring services where students and teachers do not visually see each other, our programs offer that visual connection. Visually seeing other kids and their teachers is a vital and motivating part of effective learning. We maximize the benefits of this unique element of our program.

Group advantage
We strongly believe that children learn better in small groups where they benefit from the questions of other students and from the brain- storming sessions offered by a small group class. Unlike other one-on-one and homework help sessions, we aspire to teach kids to catch fish, not to just feed them with a few” - metaphorically speaking. Healthy competition in class promotes self-motivation. Peer learning is another powerful learning tool we intend to use effectively. Working with other students to analyze problems, presenting problems to the class, describing your own method for solving them, and asking questions of peers-all give our students a more active role in their education.

Curriculum advantage
We, as a group, undertook a collective study of curriculums to identify the curriculum that best suits our ideologies and beliefs. We are proud to say that Singapore maths meets nearly all of our strict criteria and demonstrates a lot of wisdom in the way a curriculum should be organized, presented and explained.

Textbook advantage
We will provide US addition of Singapore math text- and workbooks. Unlike other books/curriculum, these books are concise, yet exhaustive; brief, yet in-depth, well-written, logical and methodical. Your child will not be overwhelmed by these books. The books use many diagrams to help pupils absorb concepts visually and consistently uses everyday examples students can understand. The math’s textbooks emphasize mental calculation and use colorful pictures of everyday objects such as whistles, keys and local fruits to be visually appealing.

Methodology advantage
  • We design lessons that are well scripted and well organized, and that use multiple approaches to illustrating the principles or ideas being taught; Lessons are coherent, and oriented towards problem-solving rather than to the rote mastery of facts and procedures.

  • We provide opportunities to interact with other children in generating ideas, explaining answers, and evaluating the adequacy of their own and other children's answers.

  • We provide hands-on experience with the material being discussed.

  • We present multiple examples of a concept so that students can deduce the underlying principle, and must develop some of the steps toward the solution themselves.

  • We introduce children to topics using a three-step approach that moves from the concrete to the pictorial and finally to the abstract. Concrete illustrations are incorporated heavily in the early grades, gradually giving way to more abstract representations so that math is learned meaningfully. The program builds strong problem- solving, critical thinking, and computational skills through well-chosen practice problems.

  • Problems are represented visually through a model-drawing approach which breaks the problems into various components. This approach helps students simplify and understand complex problems.

  • Children are provided with ample opportunities to practice what they have been taught.

Teacher advantage
  • Our teachers are really Learning Facilitators. They facilitate learning through self discovery by igniting, challenging, questioning and explaining in a story form the true meaning of the fundamentals which will drive student to discover logic and critical thinking skills. These Learning Facilitators know what relevant knowledge package to cover to ensure comprehensive understanding.

  •  The role assumed by the teacher is that of a knowledgeable guide rather then that of the prime dispenser of information and arbiter of accuracy. Teachers do not spend large amounts of time lecturing to children.

  • The teacher leads the children to recognize what is known and what is unknown, and directs the student’s attention to the critical part of the problem. Teachers attempt to see that all the children understand the problem and that even mechanics such as mathematical computation, are presented in the context of solving problems.
Evaluation advantage
Our students receive a 3 stage evaluation: entry stage to assess placement level, intermediate stage to assess progress, and graduation stage to assess actual growth.

Affordability advantage
Wise use of technology and group teaching makes us more competitive than other similar programs. We pass this advantage to our customers by keeping our costs lower.

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