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Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition 5A
Whole Numbers Multiplication and Division by a 2-digit Whole Number Fractions
  • Place Values
  • Millions
  • Approximation and Estimation
  • Multiplying by Tens, Hundreds or Thousands
  • Dividing by Tens, Hundreds or Thousands
  • Order of Operations
  • Word Problems
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Fraction and Division
  • Addition and Subtraction of Unlike Fractions
  • Addition and Subtraction of Mixed Numbers
  • Product of a Fraction and a Whole Number
  • Product of Fractions
  • Dividing a Fraction by a Whole Number
  • Word Problems
Area of Triangle Ratio Angles
  • Finding the Area of a Triangle
  • Finding Ratio
  • Equivalent Ratios
  • Comparing Three Quantities
  • Measuring Angles
  • Finding Unknown Angles
Area and Perimeter    
  • Rectangles and Squares
  • Composite Figures
Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition 5B
Decimals Percentage Average
  • Approximation and Estimation
  • Multiplication by Tens, Hundreds or Thousands
  • Division by Tens, Hundreds or Thousands
  • Multiplying by a 2-digit Whole Number
  • Conversion of Measurements
  • Percent
  • Writing Fractions as Percentage
  • Percentage of a Quantity
  • Average
Rate Graphs Triangles
  • Rate
  • Line Graphs
  • Sum of Angles of a Triangle
  • Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles
  • Drawing Triangles
4-sided Figures Tessellations Volume
  • Parallelogram, Rhombuses and Trapezoids
  • Drawing Parallelograms and Rhombuses
  • Tiling Patterns
  • Cubes and Cuboids
  • Finding the Volume of a Solid
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